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Ben Teo

Chef Ben Teo who is a Baba who used to be a chef at Li Bai Cantonese restaurant at Sheraton Towers feels food to be…. “Forever changing to fit our customers’ taste but basic is still the same, as well as the heart and soul of the Chef and Cooks who cooks it. You can feel it through the flavours..”


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Our Special Meals

Kacang Botol Salad
Served as an appetizer tossed in homemade dressing.

Sotong Hitam
Cooked in tamarind sauce with it’s natural squid ink.

Chinchalok Pork
A authentic pork dish cooked in fermented shrimp paste but not too overpowering in taste.

Belimbing Pork
Belimbing is sour a wild berry that is quite a gem in Peranakan cooking. Definitely a dish to be tried!

Opening Time
Tuesday - Sunday from 1130 AM to 0230 PM, 0530 PM to 1000 PM. Closed on Monday.
+65 6789 1001