Welcome to Peranakan Flavours!

Our kitchen is headed by veteran Peranakan Chef, Baba Ben Teo (also known as Uncle Ben), who spent 16 years in the famed Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant before he decided to head back to his Nonya roots.

Since he was a child, Uncle Ben has been keen on cooking which he learnt from his nanny. He started out as a young boy hawking wrapped chickens and Nasi Lemak in bus interchanges. His passion for cooking grew over time to seek more than just basic hawking.

With over than 30 years of culinary experience in both Chinese and Asian cuisine, Uncle Ben is now an established chef who is also well-known in the Singapore Peranakan community for his authentic and yet adventurous Peranakan cuisine. Being a true-blue Teochew Peranakan Baba, Uncle Ben hopes to bring Peranakan food to a higher level while preserving the traditional and familiar way of how the Peranakans should eat.

“Whilst food is constantly changing to cater to our customers’ preferences, the basic is still the same, as well as the heart and soul of the Chef who cooks it. You can feel it through the flavours.” – Chef Ben Teo

Hence, our restaurant is named—Peranakan Flavours. Peranakan Flavours used to be located in the lobby of a boutique hotel in Jalan Klapa. However, to serve you better, we have moved to a bigger unit at 7 Tan Quee Lan Street, less than a minute walk from Bugis Mrt!

We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant and indulging you with a uniquely Peranakan experience!